Post Date: July 23rd, 2007

Speakers: Jared

Target: Trends

Characters: Jim Colensworth

Length: 7:41


Jared pretends to be a guy from MTV. He calls Trends from "I Love New York and tells him they want to give him his own reality show. First, he pitches that Trends be a gay guy in the closet, then he suggests that he be at the hight of a drug addiction while teaching kids to not do drugs. Then he suggests it's called Trends in a Dress and it's about him going to bars dressed as a girl. He still wants to do it.


  • She actually thought after your performance on Love New York that you were gay. - Jared
  • So it's going to be me in a dress like a drag or something? - Trends
  • Alright, what we were going to do was spell it out like Trentson, which will be the street that you live on, you know, your hood if you will. So then it will be Trentson Address, but the way people will sound it out it will be Trends in a Dress. - Jared


Trends From I Love New York Prank Call

Trends From I Love New York Prank Call

Trends from I Love New York Prank Call