Post Date: July 23, 2011

Speakers: Jared and Kristin

Target: Toshiba

Characters: Michelle and Jim

Length: 17:11


Kristin calls as Michelle and says that her favorite websites, Dora the Explore-her, Invade-her Zim, Spongebob Squarepants Exploring Bikini Bottom, and more are blocked. Then Jared comes on as her father and says that they shouldn't unblock the websites because they are porn. Then he makes the lady help explain why she shouldn't go on them.


  • Buttercup! I'm home! - Jared
  • Anna, could you please hold for two seconds, I have to finish tickling my wife...Okay she's done. - Jared
  • You know how mommy and daddy tickle each other? Sometimes we tickle on the counter, sometimes we tickle in the shower, and sometimes I tickle mommy while she's doing a number two. - Jared
  • Those are called fettishes. You know how mommy likes feet? And Daddy likes glitter? And you know how daddy bought all those power tools? - Jared
  • Remember when Johnny had the birthday party and he had the clown who made all of his clothes disappear? We recorded it in the basement and we posted that to Clowns Love - Jared


Toshiba Prank Call

Toshiba Prank Call

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