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The Friday Night Cranks WikiEdit

Friday Night Cranks is a live prank call show that takes place every Friday. The show began with Jared and Kristen in 2007. Kristen eventually left the show and Jared was left to take on the whole thing. On December 5th 2014, it was announced that 2015 would bring an end to the show. However, the final show was not streamed until July 22, 2016.

This wiki is about the live internet pranks call show Friday Night Cranks. Unlike the existing Friday Night Cranks wiki, this one will be organized, have admins, and have more information. The key to any wiki is the wiki community, so please get your friends and join in the editing! Every edit counts!




Val Goodtwinkle (Val) [Johnny Goodtwinkle] - Wiki Creator

Mikeydude00 (Michael) - Admin

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