On this wiki, we're here to have fun and make new friends. I'm not here to breathe down your neck and kick you off the wiki, but without rules, there will be chaos. Follow these rules or there will be conciquences.


  1. No Bullying - Bullying counts as harrasing, intimidating, teasing, or just being rude towards others. This is applied on every function of the wiki (including comments and chat) and will be taken seriously.
  2. No False Information - Do not write information that you know is false on the wiki. If it is unintentional, there won't be any serious consequences, but if you consistantly do it, you will be punished.
  3. Follow the Chat Guidlines
  4. No Bashing - In case you didn't catch it the twenty something times I've said it, this is a website for FNC fans. There is no place for FNC haters here. If I find any comments that say how much FNC sucks or anything like that, the comments will be removed and you will get a warning.
  5. This isn't really a rule, but I just thought you should know that I DO NOT know Jared and Kristin. I am just a fan. Please don't ask me to pass along your requests or tell them to give you shout outs because I don't know them and am just a fan. (you won't get a warning for that, but just don't waste your time.)
  6. Categories - Read Acceptable Categories Page
  7. No Creepiness - I'm a teenage girl. I know all about stranger danger. This is a safe place to talk to other FNC fans. If someone doesn't want to give out their information, don't make them. It's common knowledge! If they want to give out their information, then so be it. But don't keep asking them if they say no.
  8. Respect Others- Self explanitory. Don't sass others. Don't be rude. Listen to others. etc.
  9. No Randomness - Feel free to express yourself, but I don't want to hear about what you ate for dinner last night, what you're doing over the weekend, or anything like that. This is ok in chat, but don't comment randomly on pages. Try to stay on topic in comments.


If you break the rules above, you will get a message on your message wall from an admin saying that you got a warning. If you get three warnings, you will get a ban. Bans will get longer and longer and eventually be perminate if you continue breaking the rules.