Ralphie Panzzzanooo  (pronounced mon-ZA-no) is a character played by Stu Stone, and is Stu's main character. He is also known as Ralphie Colensworth. He is usually the older brother of Michelle. He loves Magic School Bus and Miss Frizzle. He is 9 years old and can be a bit of a cry baby. He comes from a dysfunctional family, with Jim Colensworth. In some prank calls, it is said that his father killed his mother. It is also said in Most Hilarious Prank Call - Featuring Stu Stone that he has an Uncle Glenn who takes pilaties classes and doesn't get along with Jim. His name and obsession with Magic School Bus are references to Stu's role as Ralphy on the Magic School Bus.

(Some) AppearancesEdit

  • Baby Shitter
  • Most Hilarious Prank Call - Featuring Stu Stone
  • Karate Kids
  • Sophie's Playdate


  • "Super soak these hoes, super soak those hoes, slap dem bitches and super soak 'em."
  • "That's not cool, that's not fresh, that's not the thing, that's not the shizz, that's not hella cool."
  • "She's a-she's a a bit of a spazzoid."
  • "He is going to be hella pissed off."
  • "That's how assholes would spell it."
  • "Baby shitter."