Mitch is played by Jared. He is generally used in prank calls where the caller is meant to sound like a pedophile or creep. He uses Mitch to scare people and try to creep them out and see their reaction. In few calls, Mitch is dating Candiiey. In some other calls Mitch is dating a teenage version of Michelle, who is pregnant. Other than that, he usually doesn't do prank calls with other characters.

Jared playing Mitch in the prank call "Mitch Loves Mitch".

(Some) AppearancesEdit


  • "I need the candy. How else am I supposed to get the kids in the van?"
  • "Remember those summer nights when you would touch me and say that you loved me?"
  • "Just think about this. Can we add something that's $10 so it's---SIXTY NIIIIINE DOLLARS?! MWAHAHA!"
  • "Keep doing what you're doing."