Post Date: October 24, 2009

Speakers: Jared and Kristin

Target: a marriage helpline

Characters: Jim and Melinda

Length: 24:35


Jared and Kristin call a marriage helpline saying that they have marriage problems. The lady suggest thast they watch the helpline's DVDs.


  • I was actually out hunting with my father and I saw a deer and little did I know that Melinda was far away in the woods also hunting with her father, and I shot and I missed and the bullet actually went so far that it hit her in the leg. And we heard screams so me and my father went running and I saw this angel from heaven on the ground with the leg almost completely off and I was like oh my God are you okay and she was like crying her eyes out, and that's when I knew I wanted to marry her. - Jared
  • Now does that mean in the bedroom or just in general? - Jared
  • You can turn anything positive if you know what I mean. - Kristin


Marriage Helpline Scam Prank Call

Marriage Helpline Scam Prank Call