Kristin Rose Cioffi was one of the two main hosts for Friday Night Cranks. She is Jared's younger cousin and Joe's younger sister. She also has two "ramp sisters" (meaning that they are her mom's boyfriend's two children) named Brianna, and Sammy. Brianna is 21, and Sammy is 17. Brianna has her own website, too. Kristin is currently 21 years of age, and her birthday is July 17th, 1996. Kristin is musically talented. She can sing, play guitar and drums. She has her own original song, "Runaway", which she preformed at the Disconnected Tour. Kristin's motto is "Regret Nothing", which she often says a lot on her own YouTube Channel, Kristin Rose Music, but not so much on FNC. She is from Long Island, New York. Kristin is also a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and has a pet turtle named Donna, (which she was going to name Donnatello, until she found out it was a girl). She is allergic to cat so in lieu, she has two dogs named Snowy and Lucy.

As of September 2013 Kristin took an indefinite leave for undisclosed reasons. Quoting said reasons as "beyond her own control". When or if she will return is unknown.

She resurfaced online in December 2013, under the Twitter and Instagram @krosemusic. In a YouTube video, she stated that she would no longer be part of Friday Night Cranks.

She stated on twitter that she left in September 2013 due to the death of her father

She did not return for unknown reason but some say it was over pay dispute or a falling out with Jared.


Kristin's had few characters, those that follow here. Michelle Colensworth, the curious, fun-loving, sometimes foolish, little girl. She is one of her more popular characters, as a result she is used a bit more often then the others. She has been quoted as being "7" years old in the Gram Ham Sam Prank Call  released in 2011 making her roughly 9 now, and possibly 10 this upcoming February (as of Jan 1, 2014) Kristen also plays Gertrude Pooshfante, an old woman, usually depicted as being confused or dumbfounded, which is the route Kristen takes when using the character to mislead the prank call victim. Her last, Candiiey, a sterotypical teenage girl, she strongly wields a preppy attitude and tone when Kristen uses her during her pranks. She, in most cases is very preposterous and un-reasonable. Only reinforcing the teenage girl stereotype, her foolish mindset and conventional attitude are a match.


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Kristin Rose Singing An Orginal Song

Kristin Rose Singing An Orginal Song


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