Jim is Jared's go to alias. When ever he needs to sound like a (relatively) normal person he uses Jim.

Jim Colensworth

He also has a 7 year old daughter, Michelle, and/or a 9 year old son, Ralphie, in some calls. Jim changes a lot based on what prank call he's in. Sometimes he's a very normal person with a not so normal problem, other times he's completely insane. His age also changes between prank calls too. Sometimes he's in his late teens or early twenties and other times he's a grown man with a family. Jim is sometimes married, sometimes divoriced and remarried, and sometimes he implies that he killed his wife. Jim is sometimes a very good father with good intentions. Other times, he is a very strict father who yells and spanks his kids. Jim will most of the time have a very dysfunctional family. He lives at 52 Cauliflower Lane in Beverly Hills, Califonia, 90210.

(Some) AppearancesEdit

  • Flooded Basement Prank Call
  • Sex Defender Prank Call
  • Most Hilarious Prank Call - Featuring Stu Stone
  • iPhone 4S Siri Out of Control


  • "Now it's showing me the nearest gym..."
  • "I'm going in!"
  • "Siri, play my workout mix."
  • "Michelle, you better hurry the hell up with that sandwich!"
  • "Don't make me go all pterodactyl on your ass!"
  • "How do you know that I killed your.. wait wait wait."