Post Date: August 30, 2009

Speakers: Jared

Target: Godfathers Pizza

Characters: Barney Stimpleton and Branden

Length: 8:19


Jared calls Godfathers Pizza and says that people make fun of him because he's never had pizza before.


  • Oh, I'm a sir. How would you like me to speak to emphisize that I'm a male? - Jared
  • He's gonna call the sheriff guys! Let's call back and they'll call the sheriff! If only these bitches knew... - Jared
  • Oh, it's personal what time a public bussiness closes, what are you, retarded? - Jared
  • Okay Branden, well the cops will be waiting for you Branden, so stop calling here Branden! - Pizza Lady


Godfathers PIzza Prank Call

Godfathers PIzza Prank Call