This is the newest theme song for FNC and it features Krayzed and Stu Stone



So you sit back relaxing and you be at home

you should be real careful when you pick up the phone

Cause it could be Jared and Kristin on the line

And they're really good at trolling people all the time

No question

They've been doing ths for years

Some of y'all laugh and some of y'all in tears

But there's one thing you never forget

They're the best at prank calling and you could be next


Saturday through thursday y'all be waiting

Everyday goes by and you just hate it

Now it's time for Friday Night Cranks They're the number one kids with the number one pranks

All your friends mad when they don't know where you at

But when it's all said and done, you can say where you sat

Cause now it's time for Friday Night Cranks

They're the number one kids witht the number one pranks


It's 9 o'clock, FNC's about to begin

You can go out with your friends or you can just stay in

If you've had a bad week let us relieve the stress

Me and Kristin doing pranks that never fail to impress


It's Branden! Stupid girls go away!

No I'm not retarded, I'm just openly gay!

Looking for kids to meet from X-Box cause I'm kind of a loner

My computer's telling me I'm gay, and it's giving me a boner


The name's Barney, bitch, but not the purple dinosaur

I love my wife Eureka and the Walmart store

If you hear me on the phone, you won't know what to do

I just did 5 times 10 again and I got 52


Hey buddy, it's your good friend Mitch

I'm right outside your house because Karma's a bitch

You're little brother says I'm soft, but I'm hard as a rock

You know what else is hard? My big fat -


Whoa, whoa, hey , okay let's just go to the chorus...Jeeze



We started FNC four years ago,

now we're the biggest live internet prank call show

Now we're blowing up the web cuz FNC is the bomb

Live every week at

My Name C-A-N-D-I-I-E-Y

Now every one grab your pom poms and lets touch the sky!

Pranking with collect calls making everybody sick

But whats the big deal I just wanna talk to Kendrick!

Its Gertrude my last name is Pooshfante

My grandsons been suck in washer all day

To make the days go by I drink my root beer

I always have to babysit MICHELLE COME HERE

Um ..Hi My Name's Michelle and I'm alone in your hotel

I was hungry and ate dog food, but please don't tell

I also said a bad word...I think it was bitch!


Stu Stone:

Damn Bitch get with the plan kid

Its Friday Night Cranks just stick to the pranks that the fans picked

Nothin but the best cuz the fans demand it

We blowin up man its like they can't understand it

We prankin everyone. It aint even fair son

We'll prank your grandma while she's getting her hair done

We'll getchya mother while she's getting her nails did

Tell her Daddy's in jail, need bail quick

Tell your babysitter that you got a baby sister

that's juggling knifes

That you're scared for your life

The roof..the definitely on fire

And we don't need no water we gon' burn it like a lighter

Ain't nobody safe..We pranking everybody

And when shit goes down..We thankin everybody

For tuning in Friday the're they number one show

With my man J-Rad (Whats up?!) and Kristin (Yo) OH



Friday Night Cranks Theme Song 2.0 (ft

Friday Night Cranks Theme Song 2.0 (ft. Krayzed & Stu Stone) *WITH LYRICS*

Friday Night Cranks Theme Song 2.0 (ft. Krayzed & Stu Stone) *WITH LYRICS*

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