Post Date: April 17, 2010

Speakers: Jared

Target: Flip Video

Characters: Barney and Jim

Length: 23:11


Jared calls and says that whenever he takes a video of himself and then looks at it, he can't see himself in the video. He tells the ladies that he is a ghost. Then, Jared changes his character to Jim and says he is his dad.


  • I'll follow you on Twitter. I will. - Jared
  • I even tried to play it in front of a fricking bathroom mirror, but you didn't see me, you just see the camera! - Jared
  • I was just on hold for 15 friging minutes! - Jared
  • Franklin, ID badge 10197, is incompetant and not helping me! - Jared


Flip Camera Ghost Prank Call

Flip Camera Ghost Prank Call