Hey guys! The following are rules for chat. Please read them before entering the chat room

  1. You must be on the wiki for 24 hours before joining chat
  2. Don't curse at people in chat. Saying "Oh, dude that was so fucking funny!" is okay, but don't say "Oh, bro you're such a fucking idiot!"
  3. Speaking of that, don't be rude to people in general. You'll be kicked out of chat and get a warning.
  4. Don't bully...common sense
  5. If someone doesn't want to give out their personal information, don't make them.
  6. Be respectful and listen to what peple have to say in chat.
  7. If you get kicked out, don't try to argue with me (or any other admin) about it, because you will get more consequences.
  8. Don't act like an ass. Try to remember, you want people to like you
  9. If you're kicked out of chat, don't come back on on another account. We will know it's you.

Follow these rules and have fun chatting!