Post Date: September 5, 2009

Speakers: Jared

Target: David

Characters: Jim Colensworth

Length: 11:22


Jim calls a guy saying he's from Tru TV and asks this guy if the clip he sent in was really him. Jared asks him to participate in a contest with five taks. Task one is to flush every toilet in his house. Task two is to slam every door in his house. Task three is to fill his mouth with water and gargle half of the ABC's. Task four is to run to his neighbor's house, knock on the door, scream and run back to his house. Task five is to go into the middle of the street and shout "My name is David and I have just been prank called by Friday Night Cranks!"

Link to the Clip this guy sent in


  • My name is David and I've just been prank called by a guy named Greg! - David
  • I like him, you know not in a gay way, but I liked that he was a good sport. Don't you agree Krispy Cream, or Kristy Cream? Whaterver the hell you want me to call you. - Jared


$500 Hilarious Prank Call

$500 Hilarious Prank Call